Harold Webb

Born Again: Saturday, July 1981,
at 9:30 P.M.
Place: Independent
Baptist Church
Age: 27


His Testimony

Through the preaching of the gospel by Brother Kenneth Massey, I became convicted of my sins. I witnessed the salvation of others and how they shouted and rejoiced in the Lord and I decided that is how I wanted to be saved. I discovered later, however, I could not be saved the way I wanted, but the way God wanted. After doing everything I knew to do, I turned everything over to the Lord and prayed that He would save me. When I did that, the Lord saved me and I knew it. Sweet peace came over me and I have never been lost again. The revival at Independent went through Saturday that year and I was saved on Saturday night.


Denise Webb

Born Again: One night after
revival services
Place: At Home
Age: Mid-twenties

Her Testimony

I joined Yuma Baptist Church when I was about ten years old. I knew at the time that I wasn't saved, but a lot of kids were baptized that year and I guess I wanted to be too. When Harold and I married we started attending church at Independent Baptist Church. Revival services began and Brother Kenneth Massey was the preacher. Harold started going to the altar for prayer and I would go to pray with him. The Lord began to remind me that I wasn't saved either. Needless to say my condition got worse. We would talk about the service every night after we got home. It seemed like the Lord dealt with me more when I was alone with my own thoughts at bedtime. When I laid down to sleep I would pray on my pillow for the Lord to save me. Then, one night as I lay on my pillow praying I just thought, I'll die if that's what it takes, and somehow within myself I gave up everything in this world. At that very moment RELIEF passed over me and I fell asleep immediately. I doubted my experience for some time until I realized there was no burden in my heart when I heard sermons about dying and going to hell and I haven't had trouble in my heart like that since. I joined the church in 1982 and was baptized.

Rachel Webb

Born Again: July 1, 1998
Where: Independent
Baptist Church
Age: 9

Her Testimony

I prayed that God would save me. When I got saved my heart
started feeling different. I started shaking and got sad and then
I felt better after I prayed that God would save me. I felt happy!

"Oh that men would praise the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! [Psalms 107:21]

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