James Webb

Born Again: On a Friday about noon
the second week in July 1969
Where: At Home
Age: 40



His Testimony

I was saved on a Friday, around noon, the second week in July 1969. I was forty years old. I had taken a vacation day off from work on Friday of that week. The revival was going on at New Cross Roads Baptist Church and my wife Jean and children went to church that morning, but I stayed at home. That night Jean and the children got ready to go back to church and I got ready and went with them.
I was saved that morning when I was at home alone, but I did not tell anyone. That night at church an invitation was given for the lost to come to the altar for prayer and when the invitation song started, I went to the altar. I knew I had been saved that morning at home, but the feeling was so new to me that I wanted to be sure. When I went to the altar that night the Lord assured me that I had been saved because all I could pray was to thank Him. I did not have that heavy burden any more. On Sunday morning after that I joined the church and was baptized.

From that day on all of the years I worked, I would take a week off my job to attend the revival. That was the most enjoyable week I spent after I got saved.

I thank God for my salvation and for all the people who prayed for me to be saved.









Bonnie Jean Webb

Born Again: A Sunday Night in May of 1961
Place: At Home -
Kneeling by my bed in prayer






Her Testimony

I was saved on a Sunday night in May of 1961 when I knelt by my bed in prayer. I and my three small children were driving home from a visit with my parents when the Lord convicted me of my sins. My husband James was working away from home and I felt so lonely and helpless because I had most of the responsibility of raising our children. That afternoon God spoke to my heart. It was so strong I started crying. I felt so useless and unholy and I felt that I must be one of the meanest women in the world. That afternoon God revealed to me that if I would believe and put all my trust in Him that I would never be alone again.

The conviction did not leave me the next day at work or the next so I started talking to some of my Christian friends whom I trusted. They told me that God was wanting to save me and that they would pray for me, but I would have to pray for myself. I had been taught to pray when I was a little girl, but at night at home.

On that Sunday night in May, my only prayer was for Jesus to save me. I don’t know how long I stayed down on my knees by my bed. I have never felt so lonely, afraid and lost in God’s sight. I knew that if something didn’t change I would go to Hell if I died. I prayed and begged God to save me and that deep burden left me. I can honestly say that I went from the worst feeling I have ever had to the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. James was not a Christian at that time so I started praying for him to be saved so that we could have a Christian home for our children.

A few years later God saved my children. First Randy, then Billy and then Gail. Finally, James was saved.
Thank you God! I can never thank God enough for His blessings.

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