Larry Thomason

Born Again: A Friday night in 1953
Where: A tent revival in
Jackson, Tennessee

His Testimony

I can never remember not going to church when I was growing up. Mom and Dad took me to church Sunday, Wednesday night, and to anything else that was going on at Calvary Baptist Church. Revivals were never less than a full week and sometimes two weeks.

Music has always been a big part of my life. I started singing in the adult choir when I was seven in the alto section because that was the part they were short on. Mom and Dad loved the Bible study courses that the church offered so I was taken to them and learned the scripture at an early age.

One Friday night in 1953 at a tent revival where evangelist Eddie Martin was preaching on Allen Avenue in Jackson, Tennessee, several young people, including myself, went to the service. I was saved that night. That was 59 years ago and I know that heaven will be my home when I leave this earth.




Donna Thomason

Born Again:
Place: At Home in My Bed
Age: Early Twenties





Her Testimony

I have been truly blessed with a Christian mother who took me to church all of my childhood and taught me about the Lord. I have heard her call my name in prayer many times and every time I get chills to my spine. I joined the church and was baptized at an early age, but during my early twenties under the preaching of Brother Kenneth Massey, I realized that I was not saved. I became very troubled and knew that if I died I would go to hell. One Sunday night while I lay in my bed I prayed and prayed for the Lord to save my soul. I prayed until I fell asleep. It was some time before I realized what had happened that night. I tried to pray, but the Lord kept taking me back to that night in my bed. I realized that the burden had been lifted and the Lord had saved my soul that night. But that was not all. I didn't tell anyone. I thought no one would ever knew I was lost anyway and I just couldn't get up in front of everyone and tell what had happened. But the Lord knew! It was two or three years later before I told anyone. I was burdened to set things straight with the Church almost as much as when I was lost. I cornered Brother Massey one Sunday morning between Sunday School and Church in the broom closet and asked him to please be sure and have an invitation for Church membership during the service. I joined the Church that morning and was later baptized into true Church fellowship. I could have never gotten up in front of everyone and told my experience without the Lord's help. I felt as though he was lifting me off of that pew and pushing me down the aisle.

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