James Turner

Born Again: Second Sunday in October 1937
Place: At Prayer Meeting
Age: 12


His Testimony

When I was twelve years old, I was attending a revival meeting and as the preacher was preaching, I got under conviction. About two months later, my family and I were attending a prayer meeting. My Dad was leading in prayer and after the prayer, I went to the altar. I had the greatest desire to be saved. I started praying and God saved me. It was on the second Sunday of October in 1937.

I attended the country church where I was saved until I moved to Michigan. There I attended a Free Will Baptist Church for over twenty years. My daughter Brenda was saved there and I loved everyone there, but they believed differently than I did, so I never joined that church.

When I retired, I moved back to Huntingdon and started going to Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church where my mother, Mrs. Essie Turner, had belonged until her death in 1988. I have attended this church for many years as a visitor, but on September 15, 2002, I joined the church and was baptized by Pastor Lynn Stapleton. It was a joyous and fulfilling occasion.

James went home to be with the Lord on October 8, 2007.

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