Brenda Thomas

Born Again: At 8 years of age

Her Testimony

My relationship with God started when I was a very young child. My parents took me to church and my grandmother had the strongest faith of anyone I've ever known. God saved my soul sixty years ago when I was only eight years old. I remember and still feel it as if it were only yesterday. My God is my rock. Through the years He has always been there for me. I've strayed from Him, been close to being angry with Him. He never left my side, not once. He has blessed me beyond measure.
Finding Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church and this awesome church family has been a wonderful blessing. I am a true example of how God can lift you out of the depth of despair and give you hope. So I praise Him for never giving up on me, for walking with me daily and filling my soul with joy and peace. My salvation is real and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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