Ray Smith

Born Again: Second Week of AugustPlace: Concord Baptist Church
Age: 15

His Testimony

I had been taken to church all my life and as a child I enjoyed going, but about the age of fourteen, I felt a deep trouble in my heart. During the next year, my conviction deepened with each service I attended until I felt I could no longer stand under the power of the Holy Spirit of God. I tried everything I could think of to help the Lord save me until I realized God did not need my help. It was then and there that God gave me the grace I needed to trust Him completely. I surrendered every thing to Him and the Lord gave me peace from that troubled heart.


Wilma Smith

Born Again: During a Revival Meeting
Place: Concord Missionary
Baptist Church
Age: 21

Her Testimony

I grew up in church and received good training. I was taught right from wrong at an early age but was not concerned aboutspiritual things. When I grew older and married, I attended church and heard the gospel often. I became concerned for my soul. I began to read the Bible, which I never did before, and as I read, the more I realized something was missing in my life. One day at a revival at Concord Baptist Church, an elderly man invited me to sing in the choir. I really didn't want to, but for some reason I went. In the choir that day I became so troubled for my soul that I surrendered to the Lord and through faith, I believed Jesus died for me. At that moment the Lord touched me and made me whole. I was filled with peace and joy unspeakable and I thank Him and praise Him for that wonderful day I met the Master.



Sarah Smith

Born Again: The Third Week of August, 1925
Place: Concord Missionary
Baptist Church
Age: 14

Her Testimony

In 1925, the Lord led me to the bitter cup of repentance. I tried to pray a sinner's prayer, but my burden only continued to deepen. During the revival meeting at Concord Missionary Baptist Church, the Lord saved me by His wonderful grace and removed my burden. The Lord made me feel so happy because my burden was gone that I shouted for joy. He has been with me ever since and the nearer home I get the more peaceful I feel in His love. I felt happy when the Lord saved me and I have beewn happy in Jesus ever since that day.

Ray and his wife, Wilma, have been faithful and active members since June 11, 1950. Ray was ordained as a Deacon of Huntingdon M. B. Church (Formerly Independent) on March 12, 1972,
and has served as Church Clerk, Sunday School Superintendent and Senior Adult teacher for many years.
Wilma is a devoted member of the Helping Hands ministry.
Sarah is the mother of Ray whose father was also a Deacon until his death. Sarah has now gone to be with the Lord.

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