Patrick Smith

Born Again:
On a Wednesday morning,
August 11, 2004
Place: Huntingdon
Missionary Baptist Church

My Testimony

I was saved Wednesday morning, August 11, 2004, at 8:30 A.M.
I had recently begun going to Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church and I had been meeting and talking with Pastor Lynn Stapleton.
On this particular day, he came by my work site early to make plans to meet me for lunch. As soon as he left, I felt a tremendous
urgency to confess my sins and seek the Lord. I drove straight to the church and met Bro. Stapleton. He prayed with me and I was saved.


Anita Smith

Born Again:
A Wednesday night in
March of 1980
Where: At Home
Age: 15

My Testimony

I was saved when I was fifteen years old. It was on a Wednesday night in March of 1980. It was late at night, but I could not sleep. I just had this persistent feeling that I needed to be saved. I prayed and asked the Lord to save me and suddenly I had this incredible happy feeling, almost as if I could fly. I knew in that instant without a doubt that I had been saved.

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