Elizabeth Hill Seiber

Born Again: Tuesday,
July 30, 1996
Place: County Line
Baptist Church







Her Testimony

I believed I was saved, but became very confused at the closing of church one Sunday when Brother Stapleton asked, "Do you know in your heart that when we leave this place you are going to Heaven?". Those words stuck in my head and I couldn't get them out. I wanted to go to the altar right then, but fought the urge as hard as I could. I let the Devil talk me into believing everything would be alright when I got out of the church, the feelings would subside. I felt lost and depressed about the state of the world that whole week. There was a bombing at the Olympics and a plane had gone down in the ocean. It was believed to be a terrorist attack. I thought, God won't stand for it too much longer. I was afraid of where I was going if He did come back. I prayed that night for the Lord to let me know some how, without a shadow of a doubt, where I stood with Him. I finally fell asleep, but awoke at a clash of thunder. The first thought I had was, "What if the Lord came back tonight! I'd go straight to Hell." I prayed the whole next day for the Lord to save me, but found no relief. I took the Bible and read from wherever it fell open. That week at work a close friend told me of a revival at County Line Baptist Church. I usually didn't go to revivals. I hated the feeling it always gave me, because I was lost, but I decided to go that Tuesday night. Brother Johnny Boyd preached that night from chapters I had read a few nights before. Every word seemed like it was spoken directly to me from God. My heart felt like it would jump out of my chest. I went to the altar so burdened I could hardly stand and dropped to my knees. When I stood again, the burden had been lifted and my heart was free. It was the best feeling of my life. I knew I didn't have to be afraid anymore of where I was going when I leave this earth. I joined Independent Baptist Church a few weeks later and was baptized.


"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: The powers that be are ordained of God. [Romans 13:1]

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