Jimmy Simpson

Born Again: At 13
years of age
Place: Concord
Missionary Baptist Church




His Testimony

When I was a boy, around the age of 11, we attended Concord Missionary Baptist
Church. Every time we went to preaching on Sunday, I felt like I was missing something. I would get under conviction so bad in my heart, that when the altar call was made, I would make a dash outside with the big boys so I could regroup my feelings and shed the convicting power of God. Back home, I would go to my safe place, down behind the barn where there stood a Sycamore tree. That is where I talked to God. My prayers were “save me here today, Lord, don’t make me go up front to the altar in front of everyone”.

At the age of 13, the second week in August on a Thursday night, Brother Robert Noles preached on hell. He should have been an artist the way he painted that picture of hell. I don’t know why, but it seemed like he was preaching only to me. As that conviction began to burden my heart, I squeezed the back of the pew in front of me. When the altar call came that night, I started to go outside, but instead, I went to the altar where I asked God to save my soul. I must have been where He wanted me, because that night, that conviction was removed and replaced with peace in my soul.


Nancy Simpson

Born Again: On a Wednesday night
during summer revival.
Place: Westport Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 22

Her Testimony

I was saved when I was 22 years old at Westport Missionary Baptist Church. It was on a Tuesday night during the summer revival. I had been under conviction for
several years and I had gone to the altar for prayer many times. Each time I would leave still feeling unsatisfied and never had that “wonderful feeling” that I had heard so many people describe when they were saved. I just could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Then, this night, I had already decided that I was not going down to the altar. But, someone came to me and asked me if I would just go down for the closing prayer of the service. There were others in the altar praying, and finally I did go too. It was sometime during everyone praying, that all at once I did not even realize that anyone else was around. It was just me and God. Then, all of a sudden, it happened. I looked up and I just had the most calm and peaceful feeling I could ever have. I suddenly had that “wonderful feeling” for myself. I had such a rush of joy, and felt so good, I told everyone I had been saved and started hugging everyone around me. Everyone rejoiced with me.

Jimmy and his wife Nancy are faithful members of our church and they are a delight to know.
They are willing volunteers in any area they are needed. The light of God's love truly shines through their smiles.
Their daughter Crystal and her husband Adam Allen, a Baptist minister, are also members of HMBC.

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