Ray Scates

Born Again: Sunday Morning at 7:30 in 1995
Place: At Home
Age: 58

His Testimony

My son, Mike, was saved in July of 1994. When I visited him in Nashville, we would go to church together and it did not take many sermons before I was convicted of my sins. My conviction grew so heavy it was all I could think about. I was afraid I had sinned so much the Lord would not save me. I repented to God, confessed my sins, and asked Him to save me, but I found no immediate relief. I borrowed some tapes my Mother had of Brother F. L. Ray's preaching. I listened to them and continued to ask the Lord for forgiveness. One wonderful Sunday morning the Lord lifted my burden of sin from my heart and I felt so happy and relieved that I stood up and said, "Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord."

Jane Scates

Born Again: June of 1979
Where: At Home in my bed

Her Testimony

The greatest event of my life took place in June of 1979. It was the day that God let me know that I was saved. I was in bed praying and a light shined down from heaven and just went through my whole body. I knew that I was saved. I’ve never felt closer to God before or after.

He’s done so much for me and I’ve done so little for Him.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. [Psalms 68:19]

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