Jean Miller

Born Again: On a Friday
Place: At Mount Nebo
Baptist Church
Age: 10





Her Testimony

Many years ago in an old fashioned revival meeting where preaching, praying, singing, and shouting could be heard for miles around was the spotlighted setting for my salvation. On the day of this spiritual occasion, the pastor preached a sermon that would cause the devil himself to fear the wrath of God. I literally quaked with fright as the old time message pierced straight into my stony heart. I envisioned the flames of Hell coming toward me and my cold heart was set ablaze as God's holy power from Heaven erupted into a spontaneous combustion throughout the congregation. The whole building seemed to dance upon its foundation as the jubilant Christian soldiers made their sacred marches toward my heavily burned soul. A surge of God's power swept my body like a mighty electrical shock wave as I scurried down the church aisle and collapsed face down upon the old mourner's bench. The faithful warriors bounced words of wisdom upon my eardrums and they seemingly rang the bells of Heaven with their prayers whilst I pleadingly wailed to God to save my sinful soul. I had an experience on that day with God that made all the angels in Heaven rejoice, and it changed my life forever. The Holy Spirit virtually blanketed the place as I shouted praises to God for my new spiritual birth. I had finally gotten a gift that money cannot buy, and no one could take the gift from me.

"..for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day." [Timothy 1:12]

Jean is the widow of Jimmy Miller and mother of three children. Her experience with God has enabled her to be a shining example of what a
Christian lady should be. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. She now resides at LifeCare in Bruceton.
How comforting to know that God can give us an inner peace which no one can take from us through his son Jesus Christ.

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