Mary V. Moody

Born Again: Thursday During
the Revival of 1963
Place: Clarksburg
Baptist Church
Age: 1




Her Testimony

I never remember a time when I did not go to church. One of my earliest childhood memories is playing church with my older brother, using a kitchen stool for a pulpit. He was the preacher and I was the song leader. We did not have a television, so many of my nights as a young child and teenager was spent sitting beside my granddaddy, who lived with us, listening to preaching and the Mull Singing Convention on WCKY, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mom and Dad both taught Sunday School classes so there always seemed to be someone reading and studying the Bible, often out loud. I realized I was lost when I was about nine years old and I remember dreading the invitational hymn after every service. The schools at that time allowed children to attend revival services during the day if their parents agreed, and, of course, mine did. In 1963, I was attending the revival at Clarksburg Baptist Church. Each day my burden grew heavier, so heavy that I would tell myself that I would not attend church the next day if it made me feel so bad, but I would go back. On Thursday of that week, my burden was so heavy and I was so miserable that they couldn't sing the invitational quickly enough. I went to the altar, begging the Lord to forgive me, and in an instant, peace flowed into my heart and my soul was filled with joy. I cried, I laughed, I hugged everyone I could reach. I had never felt such happiness. Life's road has been rough at times, but God has always helped me through. When I am feeling low, I let my mind go back to that time and place and I know everything will be okay.

"Praise ye the Lord: for it is good to sing praises unto our God; for it is pleasant; and praise is comely." [Psalms 147:1]

Mary and her husband Larry Moody are members of oura church. Mary has sung alto in the Victory Quarte for many years.
Her life has been filled with gospel singing and she has chosen singing to give honor and glory to her Lord Jesus Christ.

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