Sylvia Licht

Born Again: July 20, 1951
Place: In Church
Age: 12 and l/2 years of age

Her Testimony

Youth was on my side as a 12 ½ year old 7th grader. My heart was tender
and open to the drawing of the Holy Spirit, July 20, 1951, sitting in Junior choir.
I thought surely I would have a heart attack, as my heart pounded loudly in my
chest, if I didn’t hurry and tell my pastor I’d been saved. Jesus died for me, an
unsaved sinner now saved by his wonderful grace and mercy

Shortly after, my friend Glenda and I were running up and down the dirt
road with our dogs, when I talked to her about Jesus. Forty-seven years later,
Glenda sent a letter telling how I had been influential in her becoming a
Christian. We never know who’s influenced by what we say or how we live.
To all youth everywhere, date and marry someone of your same faith.
Allow God to be top partner in your marriage. Learn to listen to His still small
voice, so you’ll experience peace and security in whatever you face. Hold
steadfast in unwavering faith and truth.

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