Margaret James

Born Again: On a Wednesday Night
Where: At church on the altar
Age: 28

Her Testimony

I was saved on a Wednesday night when I was 28 years old. I went to church with some friends and when the preacher had an altar call, my friend went. I waited until I felt the Lord dealing with me. I went to the altar and prayed and I was saved. A tremendous amount of joy, happiness, and peace overtook me. I was so releaved. I will never forget that night and the sweet peace within. I love the Lord and I know He loves me.

I grew up in a Baptist family. Although I have attended churches of other denominations, I feel the strongest connection to the Lord through the Baptist church. I know it's the Lord's will for me to be in the Baptist church because of all the blessings I receive each time I am in the House of the Lord. The Baptist preach and teach straight from the Bible.

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