Pam Kee

Born Again: In 1996
Place: At Home

Her Testimony

Ever since I can remember my mother took me to New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church. I especially loved the revivals until I got to the age of accountability.

When I reached the age of 18 I quit going to church. I was running around having fun, or so I thought.

Later, I married and had a daughter, Halie. I sent Halie to church with my mother, knowing that I should be the one taking her.

In 1996, I got a divorce and that is when I turned to God for help and guidance. I started attending church occasionally. I was saved at home, but I didn't tell anyone for a while. In 1997, I told of being saved and I joined New Liberty. I was baptized in Maple Creek Lake in Natchez Trace State Park. I thank God for not giving up on me.

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