Reese Hopper

Born Again: February 4, 2007
Where: At Huntingdon
Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 9





Her Testimony

On February 4, 2007, Ashlyn, Kara, and I were sitting on a pew at church. We were just sitting there talking, but listening to the preacher also. That’s when my heart started pounding and hurting really bad. I told them I was gonna go to the bathroom, but really I went to Miss
Barbara’s Sunday School class room. I sat down and began to pray.
About a minute later my heart stopped pounding. After that my heart
felt so much better. All I feel in my heart is happiness. I’ve never felt
that bad feeling again. I know when I die I’m going to Heaven.

(Reese is the daughter of Bonnie Hopper Autry whose testimony is below.)

Picture Pending

Bonnie Autry

Born Again: On a Monday
Morning in August
Where: Yuma Missionary
Baptist Church

Her Testimony

On a Monday morning in August, during Revival at Yuma Missionary Baptist Church, a heaviness was in my heart. Several others were at the altar. When someone came to me it didn't take long until I was at the altar also. The Lord took away that heaviness and when I looked up, I saw pure joy and then immediately began praying for the others around me. I wanted them to feel what I felt.

Years later I began to question my salvation and letting the devil lead me instead of the Lord. After getting down on my knees, the Lord told me He had never left me. I felt reassurance and have never questioned my salvation again.

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