Amanda Hollingshead

Born Again:Sunday morning in January 1996
at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 17

Her Testimony

I was saved when I was 17 on a Sunday morning in January 1996 at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church. I had been going to the altar off and on since I was 9. Through the years, my heart got harder, and I had more pride. People would come to me during revivals, but I was able to push them and the conviction aside. On the Sunday I got saved, the conviction was very deep and troubling. We had a visiting preacher, Scott Carter, but I don’t remember what he preached. During his message, I was trying to decide if I would go and play the invitation song or stop at the altar. As I struggled with my decision, Sister Biven Hendrix kept staring at me, and I knew that she knew I was under conviction. When it came time for the invitation, I made my way to the front, but I was still undecided. When I got to the front, Sis. Biven said my name, and at that instant I turned and went to the altar. After praying for a while, I requested that my sister come and lead in prayer. As she was praying, I also started praying out loud. I had finally decided that I wanted to be saved more than anything and was willing to finally put my pride aside to do that. I prayed “God have mercy on me”, and suddenly the need to keep praying left me. I wasn’t sure what had happened so the following week I continued to pray to God to let me know whether or not I had been saved. The following Saturday I attended my first ordination service and while Bro. Massey was preaching God revealed to me beyond a shadow of doubt that I had been saved the previous Sunday. I was so overwhelmed with the spirit that I interrupted Bro. Massey’s sermon to tell everyone that I had been saved.

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