Dorsey Dameron

Born Again: July, 1922
Place: Mount Comfort Baptist Church
Age: 14



His Testimony

I felt like I was lost at eleven years old. I went to the altar at church several times, but was not saved. When I was fourteen, I began to be more burdened for my sins. During the revival at Mount Comfort Baptist Church in July of 1922, I went to the altar and prayed to God the best I knew how. That awful burden left me and peace filled my soul. I was in doubt for a while because I thought I would shout aloud when I was saved, but that was not the way the Lord wanted it. I know without a doubt that I was born again. Praise the Lord for saving my soul!




Opal Dameron

Born Again: Second Week in
August, 1923
Place: Yuma Baptist Church
Age: 13

Her Testimony

I was eleven years old when I realized that I was lost. I had never heard my mother sing a song in my life, but one morning she was humming "Amazing Grace". Conviction came into my heart and I was really troubled. I sought the Lord the best I knew how for nearly two years. I began to think I would never be saved. Then, one night at Yuma Baptist Church during revival, I became more deeply convicted. I made my way to a seat near the altar. There I completely surrendered my life to God and he saved my soul. Since that time, he has been my constant companion and faithful friend. Thank God for his Amazing Grace!And Thank God for Christian Mothers!

Dorsey went home to be with the Lord on April 6, 1999. Opal followed him on December 20, 2015, just hours before her 105th birthday.

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