Beverly Crosnoe

Born Again:
Place: Liberty Grove Baptist Church
Age: 9 years old


Her Testimony

I was born into a Christian family and was taken to church from the day I was born. My friends and I always sat on the second pew from the front on the far right side of the church. One summer Sunday morning at Liberty Grove Baptist Church, when I was nine years old, none of my friends sat with me. I thought I was alone, but God was with me. During the sermon, I came under conviction. I knew I had to do something or I felt I would die. I turned and took one step and I suddenly felt great relief. I knew God had saved me.


Richard Crosnoe

Born Again: 1955
Place: Preston Sstreet Baptist Church,
Jackson, Tennessee

His Testimony

As a young teenager, I had been under conviction for a few years. I had the fear of going to hell, but would not submit to God's call. In the Summer of 1955, while going to Preston Street Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee, the conviction was too strong and I had to surrender. I turned loose of the back of the seat and flew down the aisle. I was saved that night.

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