Dennis Brooks

Born Again: April 14, 1963
Place: Berclair Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee
Age: 16

His Testimony

I thank God so much for His love and mercy in my life. I can still remember some well meaning friends and church members telling me to just walk down the aisle and join the church I attended. I did want to do just that, but I didn't until revival on Thursday night. I remember it was raining when we went into the church. Mike Gilchrist from Missouri was the evangelist. Mike gave his testimony of being saved and when the invitation was given, the Holy Spirit melted my heart and lifted me out of my seat and down the aisle. The next Sunday, Brother Bowen baptized me and others who were saved during the revival.


Linda Brooks

Born Again
Place: At Home
Age: 44

Her Testimony

My true salvation came at a time when my heart was aching with pain and confusion. I, like others, thought I had been saved earlier in my life. After the death of my son, there was no comfort, no order. I really learned to pray sincerely during those long endless nights while searching for answers and understanding, most of all acceptance. The Lord answered my prayers. I can't relate the day or hour, but I will never forget the feeling of peace and love that touched my very soul. In that precious moment, the Lord forgave me of my sins and directed my heart toward the altar to publically accept him as my Lord and Savior.

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