Walter Brown

Born Again:The Second Sunday
of June 1985.
Place: Huntingdon (Formerly Independent)
Missionary Baptist Church










His Testimony

As with most children who grew up in the rural South I was taken to Church as a child, but not on a really regular basis. I learned the Gospel as most did and I cannot remember a time when I did not believe in God or that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

Unlike most people I just never felt convicted of my sins. I can remember standing in Church as an adult during the invitation and wondering “Why has he not called me?” I understood that no man can come to Jesus unless the Father calls him.

That all changed for me in June of 1985. Bro. Kenneth Massey visited me and my family in our home in May. He asked if I had been saved and I told him that I had not. After prayer, he invited us to come to Huntingdon (Independent) Missionary Baptist Church. We attended the next Sunday and for the first time ever I really felt the Spirit in that building

Within a couple of weeks I started to feel convicted of my sins. I prayed at home, at work, driving in my car. I even went out into the woods so I could pray without interruption. I finally realized that I had to pray at the Alter at Church to meet God’s plan for me.

The conviction became stronger every day until the second Sunday of June. That day it became unbearable and I went to the alter and told Bro. Ronnie Stewart, who was filing in for Bro. Massey that I was lost.

I knelt at the alter and for a few moments just listened to Brent Smith leading prayer. Suddenly God spoke to my heart “Brent can’t do this for you. You have to do it for yourself. I began praying for forgiveness for my sins and for salvation. Suddenly the conviction was gone and an unbelievable peace came over me and I realized that I had just been saved. I was baptized the following Sunday.

I have been through some very good times and some very bad times and God has carried me through them all. I cannot do one thing to repay God for his blessings on me except say “Thank you God for your mercies toward me and I love you with all my heart.

I pray that He will help me lead a life that glorifies His Name.

Walter went home to be with the Lord on Februry 14, 2009.

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