Vallie Barrett

Born Again: During a Revival
Meeting in 1947
Place: Calvary Baptist Church, Chillicothe, Illinois
Age: About 39




Her Testimony

I was raised in a christian home and was taken to church all my life. When I was about twelve years old, I attended a revival meeting. Some of my friends were being saved, so I got up from prayer and confessed that I had been saved and I joined the church. As I grew older, I moved to Milan, Tennessee and attended church. Later on I moved to Chillicothe, Illinois, and I joined the church there. One night during a revival meeting, an evangelist, Brother Homer Britton, preached. The sermon was so moving that it seemed like the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, just taking the blindfold off my eyes. I could understand everything. How Christ died for my sins. How He took them all on Himself. How He suffered so much so that I could be forgiven of all my sins and have eternal life just by accepting what He did for me. I went home that night rejoicing in my salvation, knowing that there was no doubt that all my sins had been forgiven by His sacrifice. I am confident that when I leave this world I will go to be with Him. What a wonderful Savior to do that for me. I asked the pastor if he would baptize me there and he was happy to do it.



Margaret Therrell

Born Again: During a revival
Place: In a church in
Milan, Tennessee
Age: Teenage

Her Testimony

I went to Sunday School and Church at Milan, Tennessee. When I was a teenage girl, I was saved during a revival. I was real happy. We moved to Peoria, Illinois, in 1947. We lived in Peoria and the Peoria area for thirty-two years. I attended Church regularly and enjoyed my years as a Christian. In 1980 we moved back here and I joined Independent Baptist Church. I have been happy with the Church here. I feel when I die I will go to Heaven.

Margart went home to be with the Lord on October 4, 1998, and Vallie, her mother, followed her on April 5, 2000.

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