Sandra Umfress Beal

Born Again: In April
Place: The Backyard of
Our Family Home
Age: 12














Her Testimony

I was raised in the Church of Christ because of my mother. My dad was raised Baptist, but he went to church with my mom.
As I got older, I heard the sermons and learned the lessons. I became concerned about life after death. The belief in the Church of Christ was to walk to the front of the church and confess belief in Jesus Christ as the son of GOD. Of course I believed that. The problem was - I was too shy to walk down the isle to the front of the church.
In March, I turned twelve years old. Then, I knew if I should die, I would not go to live with God. I was tormented by that thought.

One Sunday in April, I wanted desperately to walk down that isle, but I just could not force myself. That Sunday afternoon, I was outside in the backyard of my family’s home. As I was lying on the grass, looking at the sky, I prayed, “Dear God, please give me the courage to walk down that isle to confess my love for You and Jesus”. I continued to tell him how worried I was and how I needed his help to do the right thing. ALL OF A SUDDEN, A CALM FEELING, OF EVERYTHING IS FINE, came over me.

The very next week, the preacher came to me. He said my dad had asked to be baptized and would I like to also. Since my dad was a shy person, he had asked for a private baptism in the afternoon. Perfect! I did not hve to walk to the front of the church with all those people watching. I was baptized that Sunday afternoon. One week after I prayed for God’s help and was given the “It is O.K. feeling.”

As the years passed, I always felt comfortable with my friend Jesus, but I did not feel comfortable in the Church of Christ. I just never felt like I belonged there.

I started attending Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church. As I listened to sermons and I heard people give their testimony about being saved, I started praying to be saved. Every single time, the thought of that Sunday afternoon, in the backyard came to my mind. (Not the day I was baptized.) I could even see the clouds I looked up to. I could visualize the exact spot in the backyard. I could feel that sweet relief in my heart. Then, I knew I HAD been SAVED. I just did not know that was what it was. There was and is no doubt in my mind about the time and place.

I told this vaguely to our church and was accepted as a member at Independent Missionary Baptist Church and was baptized there. I have always known that was where I was supposed to be.

I have enjoyed 44 years of salvation. I just did not always know to call it that.

I put off writing my testimony because it seemed complicated to put into words, but with God’s guiding hand; I have put it into words that seem to make sense. (At least to me.)

God has been with me through some hard times and he has given me many great times also. I am very thankful for his saving GRACE and LOVE.

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