Polly Allen

Born Again: Tuesday morning, the second week in August, 1941
Place: Mount Zion Methodist ChurchAge: 22

Her Testimony

I was reading the bible at home one night and I got under conviction. The revival started at Mount Zion church and I went on Tuesday morning. It seemed the preacher preached just to me. He made the altar call and I went. I prayed and asked God to save me. The moment I turned it all over to God he saved me. There was a space of time that I cannot explain, but when I came to myself, I was shouting. There was peace and joy in my heart. That has been fifty-five years ago. If the church was still there, I could take you to the seat where I was sitting.


Sam Allen

Born Again: August, 1930
Place: At home
Age: 15

His Testimony

By the age of fifteen, I had known for some time that I was lost. One day I was working in the wood shed and I was singing and thinking about God's love for me and I became deeply convicted of my sins. Right there I prayed and asked God to save me. The next thing I knew, the burden of sin was gone and I was very happy. For a few years I didn't go to church as I should and I began to wonder if I had really been saved. I was troubled, but every time I tried to pray for myself my mind went back to the wood shed where I found peace with the Lord. I realized I was saved and I united with the church. I have never doubted my salvation since that time. I believe it was necessary for me to join the church to be fully satisfied. That was 66 years ago and I've been happy since that day. (Written in August of 1996.)

Sam went home to be with the Lord on May 10, 2002.

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