Carol Augustine

Born Again: On a Sunday night
Where: At the Altar in Church
In Delbarton, West Virginia



Her Testimony

The Lord saved me on a Sunday night at my home town church in Delbarton, West Virginia. That night after the pastor's message, when he gave an altar call, I went. I was at the altar with him, praying for the Lord to save me. I know that He did because of the peace and joy that was in my heart. I will never forget the song that was being sung, "Just As I Am".

I thank the Lord all the time for saving me. I know when I leave this earth I have an eternal home to go to, "Heaven".


Jim Augustine

Born Again: May 18, 2004
Where: Huntingdon Missionary
Baptist Church
Age: 63

His Testimony

I was born October 10, 1940, and I was Born Again" on May 18, 2004. Over 63 years of being a "bad case". Through the help of my wife, asking me to go to church, Brother Lynn Stapleton answered my many, many questions and my life changed.

On May 18th, my wife, Brother Lynn and myself were in the church sanctuary talking and it happened! When the Lord saved me He did not float down on a cloud, He was riding a freight train! Being saved is a feeling you have once in your life, but you will remember it every day.

To anyone who reads this, please do not wait as long as I did. You might not get the chance. Every day of my life now is getting better and better. I know when my time on this earth is over, the Lord will be bringing me home to Him.

Jim went home to be with the Lord on March 22, 2012 and
Carol followed on September 9, 2012

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