Tony Umstead
Born Again: Thanksgiving Weekend 1992
Where: At Home

























His Testimony

I was sitting on my bed. I had gone just about as low as I could go. I had some family praying with me, asking God to forgive me and He did! It's funny how you can be so lost and giving up when God reaches down and takes out that old heart of trouble, and strife, and sin and replaces it with a heart of love and peace. I walked out of my bedroom a changed man.

Joining the Church on November 16th, 2014, also changed my life !! It was for the better and my life has been so different. With God being with you and realizing He is with you is a life changer! The peace and happiness, well, there's no way to explain it if you haven't been through it. It's that great!! With God all things are possible!! I do love HMBC. My Church Family is so dear to me!

The following is the chorus to the song I wrote about what God and the Church have done for me.

I gave my life to Jesus,
Became a new man.
Got a light in my life
Where it's never been.
Something's in my heart,
That I've never felt before
And I know it is
My Father's Love.

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