Carrie Brewer Sanders

Born Again: August, 1953
Place: New Spring Hill Baptist Church
Age: 23

Her Testimony

After I married, I started going with my husband, Lawton Brewer, to some old fashioned Baptist Churches. I would hear people tell their experience of being saved. Some would shout and some would just laugh. I soon realized I wasn't saved even though I was a member of the Methodist Church. One night during a revival at Mount Pisgah Baptist Church, Brother Onnie Blankenship preached and made the altar call. I went to the mourner's bench and prayed for the Lord to save me. I wasn't saved then, but I kept seeking the Lord the best I knew how for the next three years, thinking I would never be saved. My husband was called into the ministry and became pastor of New Spring Hill Baptist Church. He made the altar call one night during a revival. I was trembling so much, but finally turned loose of the seat and went to the mourner's bench. My burden was lifted and I was saved that night.

"Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:" [Isaiah 59:1]

Carrie is the widow of Lawton Brewer, a Missionary Baptist preacher. She is a member of "The Helping Hands", a benevolent group at our church.
On June 18, 2005, she was married to Warren Sanders, a Baptist Deacon.

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