Kenny Rush

Born Again: January 1976
Place: On the way to work
Age: 34



His Testimony

The Lord saved me on a Friday afternoon in January 1976. I had been under a deep conviction for several months. I had never felt a burden to go to the altar, but I was burdened for my soul's condition with the Lord. I had gone to quiet places many times and prayed to the Lord, asking him to save me, but found no relief. I was on my way to work praying and wondering if I would ever be saved. I then felt the burden lifted. It felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders. The Lord SAVED me then and I have tried to thank him daily ever since.













 Nancy Rush

Born Again: Friday night
of the third week in August, 1952
Place: Concord Missionary Baptist Church

Age: 13











Her Testimony

From my earliest remembrance, God was always a part of my daily being. As a child I shared a room with a praying grandmother, thus daily prayers about my family were a part of my routine. There were days when I was alone running in the wind, climbing my favorite tree, or hanging out the window in the crown of my dad's big barn that God was so real to me it seemed I could feel his presence on my face. He was my companion.
I was not the perfect child by any means. I had my share of corrections and reminders of proper behavior. God was just very real to me. As I began to reach my teen years I remember my gdrandmother's seemingly constant reminder that at least by age 13 God held one accountable for one's sins. This began to nag me a little. And then there was a sermon by Brother Prince one Sunday night on the cross and the sacrifice the Lord Jesus had made for our sins. That burned in my memory. I also began not to feel as confortable around the preacher brethren as I had as a child. Other than these feelings, I didn't experieance the condemnation of the Holy Spirit until August 1952, my 13th year, on a Friday night of revival almost at the close of service. Brother Carter preached, but I did not remember the sermon. Several people were down in the altar for prayer. I was sitting with several of my friends halfway up the left side of the outside pew next to the aisle. It seemed the weight of the world fell on my shoulders. I didn't move out of my seat; however, I dropped my head and began to sob. The congregation was shaking hands with the people down at the altar thus it was some time before anyone noticed me. My friends were puzzled. Brother Carter and others in the church then had prayer for me. I do not remember who prayed; however, I do remember a lady I had know all my life coming to me and instructing me to get down on my knees and ask God for mercy on my soul. I immediately went down on my knees and I begged God for mercy. Later as I journeyed home I remember only the brightness of the stars. The next morning standing out in the yard my grandmother asked me if I was saved. God knows that at that time I just wasn't sure what had happen. I did not have the burden that I felt so strongly the night before, but I lacked the assurance the sweet Holy Spirit brings. I couldn't truthfully answer my grandmother
The answer came to me sometime later in a sermon of Brother Martin's on the crumb that fell from the rich man's table. God made me know beyond a doubt that He had indeed granted me the precious crumb of salvation. I couldn't wait to hug and shake hands with everyone. I later joined the church and related this experience of salvation.

I have never shouted orally; however, the truth of salvation within my soul becomes louder and stronger each day that I live. Being saved and being a member of the Lord Jesus Christ's church is the greatest privilege afforded me on this earth. I also realize as I get older that this privilege carries great responsibility. Several years ago I pledged to study and pray every morning before I start my day. I can truthfully say each day that I keep my pledge the rewards to me far outweighs my time in prayer and study. Whereas it was so easy to believe as a child I now know in order to experience His sweet presence today I must believe and practice a living faith.

"The LORD is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him. It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord." [Lamentations 3:25-26]

Kenny is a Deacon at HMBC and he and Nancy are dedicated and active members. He is a member of the Men's Fellowship
and she is a member of the Helping Hands. They are ready and willing to help wherever they are needed.

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