Tom Roberts

Born Again: Before Christmas in 1980
Place: Meridian, Mississippi

His Testimony

I had been in church all of my life, but never really felt anything until the fall of 1980. I got sick and had to have surgery. I was very scared, but still nothing. Surgery went well, but I knew something was missing, and I still did not know what to do. When I got out of school for Christmas break that year, me and a friend of mine went to Alabama on a hunting trip. We went to Meridian, Mississippi, to shop for Christmas gifts on Saturday.
Before checking out, while in line to pay at Hallmark, a man grabbed me by the arm and asked me if I knew Jesus. I told him that I had been in church all my life and he said, “That’s not what I asked you”. He told me that we needed to talk. I paid for my stuff and we sat down on a bench just outside. After we talked for a minute, I knew that I was lost and needed the Lord in my life. I got down on my knees and asked the Lord to save me and he did. It was such a feeling of relief and I could not wait to tell everybody. I have often thought how that man picked me out of such a big crowd. The Lord had to have led him to me. I am so thankful. I still sin, but I know through God’s grace I am forgiven.

Angel Roberts

Born Again: December 31, 2010
Place: Fairview
Missionary Baptist Church

Her Testimony

I was saved during a watch night service ringing in 2011.

My life had been a storybook childhood, typical teenage years, and a good beginning to adulthood. However, after several mistakes and a life-changing tragedy, I knew something was missing. I had tried to “fix” all of my problems myself and just kept making them bigger.

That night I was broken down and desperate. As I listened to the singing, I looked up at the lights and it was as if time stopped. Then I heard someone say “Angel, you are going to be OK.” Ever since that night, I truly believe I will be:
“With Christ all things are possible.”

"I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and
Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits."
[Psalms 70:14-15]

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