Kathy Parsons

Born Again: October 11, 2006
Where: At Huntingdon
Missionary Baptist Church










Her Testimony

It all started on a Wednesday morning. I woke up really depressed and ready to give up on everything. I just couldn’t take any more bad luck in my life. I felt like I was at the top of a mountain, holding on to a little limb, the limb I called my hope and my faith, and
something just told me to let go and whatever happened would just happen. I would just cry and cry. I told my oldest son Scott, “ I give up I just can’t take any more.” He said, “Mom you always tell me not to give up, so you can’t give up”. I picked up the phone and called Pastor Lynn and told him I had to come down to the church. He said Bro. Oakes was there with him. I told him I couldn’t wait, I needed to come to the church right then. He told me to come on down. Pastor Lynn and Bro. Oakes met me at the door and we talked for a few minutes. Then we went into the sanctuary and both of them knelt to pray with me. I just started talking to God and begging Him to please save me. I thanked him for blessing me with five beautiful, healthy children and told Him I needed Him in my life so I could raise my children with His love and guidance. I quit praying and just sat on the floor. Pastor Lynn asked me how I felt and I said I felt numb. My heart was beating really fast and suddenly I felt like there wasn’t anything in the world I couldn’t handle because I knew now that God was with me, even walking out of the church I looked at the sky and it looked different. I was baptized that next Sunday and I felt like I had been blind and now my eyes were opened and I could see everything the way God wanted me to. I know now that I will get through anything in life because God saved me on October 11, 2006. I want to thank Pastor Lynn and Bro. Brian for being there for me and I want to thank JESUS. I love Him with all my heart and soul






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