Johnny McClure

Born Again: A Wednesday night in July of 1986
At my home

His Testimony

I was saved on a Wednesday night in July of 1986 at home in my bed.

I had been going to Clarksburg Missionary Baptist Church since 1984 with my future wife Janet. I had been to the altar several times under conviction, mostly during revival. That particular night I was laying in bed praying and crying because I knew I was lost. At some point the tears and fear were replaced with a smile and an incredible peace. I have no doubt when I leave this world that heaven will be my home.

Alli McClure

Born Again: March 21, 2005
Where: At Home In My Room

Her Testimony

My family had just moved to Huntingdon and I had been wanting to go to this church. The first day we went, a boy in my class had asked how you were supposed to get saved. After that day, I got convicted for about two weeks. I was too scared to pray to God. I finally went up to my room one day and prayed to God to save me. I cried and asked for forgiveness, and I was saved that day. It was on March 21, 2005. Now I have another reason for that day to be my favorite day of the year: March 21st was already my birthday and now I get to celebrate my salvation, too.


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