Claude Haddock

Born Again: Thursday night in
July, 1941
Place: Bethel Baptist Church
Age: 12


His Testimony

Brother Fred Prince was preaching at Bethel Church at the time I was saved. I went to the mourner's bench several times and I prayed to the Lord to save me from my sins. When I got my heart right with Him, He saved me. That was the most wonderful feeling I ever had in my life.

Ava Haddock

Born Again: Thursday Afternoon,
August 1941
Place: Hall's School
Age: 12

Her Testimony

I became convicted of my sins when I was twelve. During a revival at Westport Baptist Church, Brother L. H. Brown was preaching the gospel and the dear old sisters of the church witnessed to me. We had morning and evening services at the church and in the afternoon services were held at Hall's School House. Thursday afternoon at the meeting at Hall's School, I turned everything over to the Lord and He saved me. I did not shout or rejoice as I had seen others do and for the next year I wondered if I had really been saved or not. During a revival at Mount Comfort Baptist Church, after hearing the testimonies of others, I realized the Lord had washed my sins away and I was satisfied. I felt like a new person

"----Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee." [Mark 5:19]

Claude was a Deacon and a faithful and valued members of the Church.until he went home to be with the Lord onAugust 19, 2008.
His wife, Ava, is also a devoted member of HMBC. She
is a member of the choir and The Helping Hands.

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