Dorothy Edwards

Born Again: On a
Wednesday morning
the third week in August
Where: Pleasant
Hill Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 14

Her Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home. Pleasant Hill was our home church but they only had preaching on the third Sunday of each month. We lived within walking distance of a Methodist church and my brothers and sisters and I went to Sunday School there. There were as many Baptists that went there as Methodist. During a revival at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, I started going to the mourner’s bench. I knew I was lost and I knew I would go to hell if I didn’t get saved. I remember going around singing “Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior, Do Not Pass Me By”. I was under deep conviction and I was crying and begging the Lord to save me. Suddenly a peace came over me that I can’t describe. All my tears were gone and there was just peace and quiet.

I thank the Lord Jesus for saving me. Oh What A Savior! I could never praise Him enough. May God always bless Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church.

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