Brian Edwards

Born Again: October 8, 1987
Place: Eastview Baptist Church during Revival
Age: 29



His Testimony

I was carried to church from childhood and time and again I felt the Lord placing a conviction upon my heart and soul. God continued to work on me through my teen-age years, but I was stubborn and would not let Him have His way. I grew up and was married and church did not seem all that important until my wife was to give birth to our first child. At that time, the meaning of life and being saved became much more important. I attended a revival meeting at Eastview Baptist Church and I felt as though Pastor Don Whitt preached every word to me. His sermon was about God burning down your barley fields to get your attention. That night (October 8, 1987) my life was changed forever. God got my attention and I received Jesus Christ as my Savior.


Suzie Edwards

Born Again: On a Sunday Night
Place: First Baptist Church in Bruceton, Tennessee
Age: 12 or 13 years old

Her Testimony

I was saved when I was 12 or 13 years old. I'm not sure of the exact age, but I am sure of my experience. I had prayed for a long time for the Lord to save me because I knew I was lost. One Sunday morning at the First Baptist Church in Bruceton I was under conviction. I knew the Lord was dealing with me, but I just sat there. I didn't go to church much on Sunday nights, but that night when my sister, Lindel, was getting ready to go, I knew I had to go too. Brother Murphy Martin was the pastor and after he had preached his sermon he gave the invitation. Before I knew it I was at the altar, and I was saved that night. I may not remember my exact age, but I still remember the sweet peace I found at the altar that night, thanks to a loving God.



Chad Edwards

Born Again: July 1, 1998
Where: Independent
Baptist Church
Age: 10

His Testimony

I was saved on a Wednesday night and I knew that if I didn't get saved I would go to hell. Me and Dustin was sitting on the pew and Drake was praying and a lot of other people were praying for Drake. Ms. Kay said my name and I just started crying and I went to the altar and prayed and got saved.


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