Mildred Butler Byars

Born Again: On a Monday in
August, 1952
Place: Yuma Baptist Church
Age: 13

Her Testimony

I was saved in August of 1952 at Yuma Baptist Church. Brother Fred Prince was the pastor. I went to school that Monday morning unable to concentrate on anything. Our teacher let us go to church every day during revival. I knew something was very wrong with me. I was so heavy hearted. I was fighting with the devil and the Lord was dealing with my soul. When Brother Prince had an altar call, Ms. Alpine Lewis came to the row where I was sitting with my friends. She began talking to us. That did it. I was at the altar before I knew it. I was so heavy hearted and I prayed so hard for the Lord to save me. When He spoke peace to my soul, I felt so light, almost like I could fly right into heaven. Everything was so clear. The world was so beautiful. Although I seem to drift away sometimes I still have that sweet peace in my heart today. Thank God for a good christian home and for his great love.


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