Ermon (Doc) Bush

Born Again: March, 1973
Place: In Western State Hospital
Age: 44




His Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home and went to church almost all of my life. I was baptized and joined the Church of Christ when I was eighteen, but I wasn't saved. I joined New Liberty Baptist Church and was baptized again. I tried to live a Christian life but I had a terrible drinking problem that I could not overcome. One Thursday in 1973 I entered myself into Western State Hospital. While I was there I witnessed a young man die from drinking rubbing alcohol and that made me realize that I was not prepared to die. The young man died on Friday and on Saturday morning I asked the Lord to save my soul and He did. Since that time I have never had a problem with alcohol. I went back to New Liberty and apologized for what I had done and told them that I had been saved. I later joined Independent Baptist Church and was baptized by Brother Kenneth Massey.

Frances Bush

Born Again: 11:50 A.M. July, 1940
Place: First Baptist Church,
Dresden, Tennessee
Age: 14

Her Testimony

I was under conviction for a long time. I had gone to Sunday School and Church all my life. Then I didn't want to go. The burden got worse. My family talked to me and prayed with me. The pastor would come and talk to me and pray for me. That was good, but I had to do my own praying. One Sunday morning the Lord saved me on the way to the altar.

"Doc" went home to be with the Lord on December 24, 2005.
Frances followed on.February 27, 2011.

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