Hattie Ellis Robinson

Born Again: July 12, 1962
Place: Independent
Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 27

Her Testimony

I had realized that I needed to be saved for a long time, but I had not done anything about it. I went to church, but I did not seek the Lord until the revival began at Independent in July of 1962. Brother John Hedges was preaching during the revival and it seemed that my conviction deepened with every sermon I heard. I went to the altar for prayer, but I could not get relief. Then, on the night of July 12, I went to the altar. I prayed as sincerely as I could. Then, suddenly, the sweetest peace came over me. My burden was gone and I knew at once that the Lord had saved me. I can't explain it to my satisfaction, but I thank God that we can know we have been saved.

"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable." [Psalms 145:3]

Hattie is the the widow of Ed Ellis who died in January of 2002.. She married James Graden Robinson in November of 2006. She is devoted
to the service of her Lord,Jesus Christ. and is an exemplary Christian Lady.

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