Paulette Crews

Born Again: During Revival
in July of 1965
Place: Independent
Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 19


Her Testimony

I was raised in a Missionary Baptist Church and was taught by my parents, Sunday School teachers, and preachers that salvation was more than just walking down the aisle. I went to the altar for years trying everything I knew to be saved. One Friday afternoon during a revival, I told a friend I was going to get something settled that night. When Brother John Hedges gave the invitation that night I stepped into the aisle to go to the altar, but when I realized where I was, I was standing next to my dad in the amen corner. I was really serious about being saved and the moment I stepped into the aisle the Lord gloriously saved me. I told the church that I was saved, but I related an experience I had had at home when I had prayed and felt better and I joined the church. I soon became very troubled about my salvation and went to the altar again. It was hard for me to accept that I was saved when I stepped into the aisle, but the Lord revealed to me that I was saved that Friday night when I stepped out on FAITH in Him. Because of God's grace, I have contentment and peace.


 Tommy Crews

Born Again: March of 1957
Place: At Home in my Bedroom
Age: 12


His Testimony

As a small child I loved to stay with my grandmother on the farm. She would always take me to church and to community church singings. While riding along, she would tell me about the Lord and the beatitudes. My parents took me to church every Sunday, and when I was twelve years old, at a revival at the First Baptist Church in Huntingdon, I became convicted of my sins and I went down for prayer but I was not saved. That night when I went home, I was saved in my bedroom. Everything seemed so bright and the peace that the Lord gave me that night is still with me today. That Sunday after the revival, I joined the church. That was March 24, 1957. On February 10, 1982, I moved my membership to Independent and have been trying to serve as a deacon and Sunday School teacher. Because the Lord has done so much for me and my family, I felt I could not refuse to serve him in any way.






Trey Crews

Born Again: On a Wednesday
night in 1982
Place: Independent
Missionary Baptist Church
Age: 10





His Testimony

I was saved on a Wednesday night during a revival meeting in 1982 at Independent. I was sitting in the back of the church, front row of the old Sunday school rooms, when He convicted me. Brother Kenneth Massey was preaching. I just knew I did not want to go to hell. Lance, Timmy, and I were sitting back there usually "goofing off", however, when Brother Massey finished preaching, that was not the case that night. Lance made the first move, then the next thing I recall, I was at the altar, and did not know quite what to pray. I made many deals with God and tried asking Him to save me. I remember saying it many times, but it seemed I had not meant it from deep within my soul. Lance got saved and they began to shake hands and sing as I lost touch with everything. I saw myself suspended in darkness by a rope and I was at the end. I felt like all I had to do was let go and trust that God would catch me. I finally got tired of thinking what I should do or say, so I said, "God here I am catch me." I came to and knew He had saved me! I did not feel the need to pray any more. I looked up and saw Brother Massey's face and I said " I've been saved". I joined the church that night. I've been saved and a member there ever since. Unfortunately, I have doubted because I've strayed from God, but never did He ever take that experience of Wednesday night in 1982 away from me. God is full of Grace!

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