Kelli Carver

Born Again: June 27, 2005
Where: Huntingdon
Missionary Baptist Christ
Age: 34


Her Testimony

I was drawn to church on Sunday, June 19, 2005, to pray for my first cousin, Tammy Daws James, who had been in a motorcycle accident the night before. My heart was hurting so badly, and I had been under strong conviction for so long, but I had turned away from the calling.

On Monday, June 27, 2005, I attended Tammy’s funeral and as I left her service, I knew that I could not sleep another night until such time as I had made things right with the Lord. Revival was in progress at Huntingdon Missionary Baptist Church and I went. The message that night was brought by Bro. Brian Oaks and it was titled “What Would You do? (if you knew you only had twelve days or twelve hours to live)”. It seemed every word of his sermon was spoken directly to me. I came to the altar with such a broken, guilty heart. I poured my sin and heartache on the altar and turned it all over to God and was gloriously saved by His grace.

The wonderful thing is, not only was I saved at the altar that night, but my thirteen year old son, Cody Umstead, was right behind me at the altar and was also saved by our wonderful Lord God above! We have been so happy ever since!

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